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America’s diversity is its strength. Yet we often lack the skills and methods to bring together diverse perspectives, learn from differences, and make wise decisions that stick.
About Deep Democracy USA

America’s diversity is its strength. Yet we often lack the skills and methods to bring together diverse perspectives, learn from differences, and make wise decisions that stick.

On the surface we all champion diversity. But when subjects matter to us or when somebody triggers us, we can grow rigid. We become uncomfortable with those who hold opposing views. We seem to listen, but we have already made our decision. Our conversations become about winning, rather than about learning from diverse points of view and integrating perspectives to find solutions that work for all.

Deep Democracy USA (the Lewis Method) provides leaders, facilitators, coaches, and project managers with a robust methodology that helps pairs and groups transform difference and tension into creativity and smart decisions. We are proud to be the pioneers of this innovative, game-changing methodology in the United States. 

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Deep Democracy For Your Organization

Our team of highly experienced consultants and facilitators can help you and your organization:

  • Learn how to read group dynamics and diagnose what is happening within the system
  • Learn how to head off polarization and help groups engage productively with differences
  • Develop skills needed to help groups make lasting decisions
  • Gain tools for healing interpersonal rifts that impede team effectiveness
  • Increase the capacity to achieve real commitment and engagement
  • Keep the system clean and develop immunity to toxicity
  • Engage in meetings that are exciting, alive, creative, and efficient
  • Create safety, trust, and deeper connection
  • Develop a growth mindset and use conflict as the fuel for awareness, growth, and stronger relations


This was an incredible course. I felt deeply supported and it felt like a gift to learn about this technique!

Nyacko Pearl Perry

All In Consulting, Massachusetts

Deep Democracy offers an approach to group transformation that is built on an energetic understanding of humans and groups that takes me well beyond other facilitation trainings or tools I have used.

Jonathan Rosenthal

Just Works Consulting, Massachusetts

I am so glad that I took the Practice and Coaching sessions. These sessions were important to solidifying the learning offered in the Level 1 course. The only way to learn facilitation skills is to practice and practice some more and getting to do that in a small group… gave me more confidence in implementing the techniques.

Lisa Negsted, Negsted Consulting


The sessions after the training were a really great opportunity to revisit what we had learnt in a safe and supportive space. We could show up with our doubts and insecurities knowing we would have a chance to practise and connect more deeply with our colleagues. It was very useful, fun and touching. I look forward to more!

Roxane Loiseaux

Questhills LTD, UK

I left this training with a practical, insightful and intuitive framework for engaging ALL members of my work community (and beyond) in thoughtful and productive conversations around issues that matter. This 2-day training was designed in such a way that participants built community in a short amount of time and were able to build off of each other's experiences. This is a MUST HAVE training for anyone that works in an environment where decision must be made.

Rachel Homchick

Director, Evergreen Washington Center

The Deep Democracy training gave me some great concepts and tools I can use to help groups navigate conflict and find human-centered resolution. From picking up on signs of resistance to addressing obstacles to good communication, the training was filled with information I can start using right away. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of group dynamics, develop their skills for more collaborative decision making, or resolve tension in one-on-one or group, team situations.

Darrell Damron

Director, Government Consulting Services, WA State Dept of Enterprise Services, Lean Transformation Services

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Many conflict resolution methods assume that people are logical, rational human beings. We are. But we’re also emotional, irrational, and sometimes unpredictable. The Lewis Deep Democracy technique is designed to engage the entire human being — their logic and their emotion, their rationality, and their irrationality — in the conflict resolution process.